Luoyang Jujia Hostel

Qiaonan D Section, Longlin Rd, Luoyang

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Luoyang Jujia Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Luoyang Jujia Hostel is worth your stay,Jujia(???means 'home' in chinese?It is a home-stay hostel?It is a real community alley in a chinese Way,It has only 4 room small in the hostel. If you book a room, you have a true Chinese home. It is the best place for the traveller to feel one kind of daily f

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From the Luoyang train
Station,Bus:Time:6.00-21.00'NO.46 or 14,Train station?Zheng zhou Road (?????? ?? ??).bus money:1.00CNY,Need 30 minutes,You arrive Zhengzhou road,call me, I pick you up.

TAXI:From train station Luoyang,Chinese in address : Longlin Road Bridge South D Area.(??????, ??, ??????, ????????, ??D ?).Taxi money?15.50-20.00CNY,Need 20 minutes.

From the Luoyang Longmen train
Station,Bus:Time:7.00-22.30'NO.75,Train station?Zheng zhou Road (?????? ?? ??).bus money:1.00CNY,Need 1 hour.,You arrive Zhengzhou road,call me, I pick you up.

TAXI:From train station Luoyang Longmen,Chinese in address : Longlin Road Bridge South D Area.(?????, ??, ??????, ????????, ??D ?).Taxi money?40.00CNY,Need 30 minutes.

From the Hostel there are many bus connection,No.27 go to the Airport in Luoyang (15km). No.29 go to the Longmen caves(13km),No.21 go to the Old City(10km). Go to Shaolin Temple(78km).
Zhengzhou Airport direct bus per 1 hour go to Peony Plaza in Luoyang,Peony Square go to the hostel are very close..

Located near

Henan University of Technology.

Conditions & Policy

If only book for one person then the guest have to pay for the whole room. if you need the pickup from railway station or airport , please send me your flight no or arrival time (by train) to in advance as early as you can or call us +86 15837906577. Hope that helps!