Suzhou Joya International Youth Hostel

Daxinqiao Lane 21-1, Suzhou

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Suzhou Joya International Youth Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Joya International Youth Hostel, part of the old private residence of the Pangs, is located on the canal of the preserved old town area in Suzhou. It is a peaceful area within easy reach of most of the sites, Market Guan Qian St, Garden of Couple, Lion Grove, Humble Administrator Garden and more.

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1.If you are at the airport in Shanghai or Wuxi, you may ride an airport bus heading to Aster Hostel (the airport bus terminal in Suzhou), from where you take Bus 40 to Xiangmen or take a tax to Garden of Couple's Retreat. This trip may cost you about RMB 23.

2.If you are at Suzhou Railway Station, you may take Tour Bus 1, 2 or 5 or take Buses 178, 202 or 529 to Suzhou Municipal Hospital East. If you are at North Suzhou Bus Station, you may reach the same place by Tour Bus 5 or by Buses 178 or 529. 12 yuan to the doorstep by pedicab bargain is preferred.Also, you may ride a taxi to Pingjiang Road at the end of Lujia Lane, which is beside Lindun Road. This trip may cost you about RMB 11.

3.If you are at South Suzhou Bus Station, you may take Buses 55 or 811 to Suzhou Municipal Hospital East, or take a taxi to Garden of Couple's Retreat. This trip may cost you about RMB 20.

4.If you drive, please follow a road sign that leads to Lion Grove Garden or Humble Administrator Garden, and you will not miss the parking lot at the end of Lujia Lane beside Lindun Road.Then, you can get to Joya at 1/21 Daxinqiao Lane by walking from the Daxinqiao Bridge eastward along the slate-paved Pingjiang Road or by covering about a hundred meters from the front gate of Garden of Couple westward along the river..

Located near

May arrive the scenic site from the Joyahotel while the publictransportation: Tiger Hill Scenic Zone ?1??2 Hanshan temple, fengqiao Bridge 301 Lingering Gerden ?1??2 Garden of the Master of Nets204?529?501 Mountian Villa of Secluded Beauty ?1 Serging Waves Pavilion ?2 Garden of herbs 501 West Garden ?5 North Temple Pagoda ?1 Panmen ?2??5?305 Lingyan Hill,Mudu ??2 Silk Museum ?1??2 Inscribed Tablets Museum ?2??5 Suzhou Amusement Land 68?89

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1. Booking for 7-15 days requires 5 days full payment 2. Booking for 15-30 days requires 10 days full payment