Lete Youth Hostel

15/F, No.5 Building, International Village Apartme, Xining

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Lete Youth Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Lete Youth Hostel is a guesthouse in Xining for all-age travelers, operating since April 2007. This hostel is centrally located in the downtown area of Xining with many local and western restaurants close by.

Our aim is to provide a warm and cozy place for backpackers and travelers. Our hostel

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Chinese Address/ ??: ?????????????????5?15?
From Xining Train Station:??
- Take the bus No.31 ?or 103 or 16
- Then get off at 'Shi Yi Zhong/???' bus stop?
- Walk across the road, walk down at 'Jian Cai Xiang????' road for 200 meters. When you see the 15-floor building on your left side with a yellow-board sign with our name in front of the gate, please enter and take the elevator to get to the 15th floor, then walk up one more floor, you will be arriving at the reception.
From the airport:?
-Take the airport bus for 21 Yuan get to 'Xi Men' bus stop at downtown. It takes half a hour.?- Then take taxi from there to 'Guo Ji Cun Gong Yu No. 5 Building/?????#5?', where Lete Youth Hostel is located, for 8 Yuan, about 10 minutes. ??
There are 4 long-distance bus stations. They are still changing the bus schedule cause the main bus station at Xining train station is just open, you could take bus #31 or 103 or 16 (Check direction above). Please call us and consult about direction if you land at other bus stations.

From any other place in the city of Xining:?
- One bus stop near by the hostel is No.16, 17, 18, 31, 82 and the bus stop is called as 'Shi Yi Zhong/???'?
- The another bus stop near by the hostel is No. 30, 104 and the bus stop is called 'San Zhong/??'??

Please feel free to call us at +86(0)9718202080, if you need us to instruct the driver to find us!.

Located near

Lete Youth Hostel is located at downtown area. It takes 15 minutes to walk to 'Shui Jing Xiang Market' or to 'Bank of China' at Dong Da Jie. The old city wall and 'Nan Men Ti Yu Guan' sport ground are located right behind the building of Lete Youth Hostel. There are many nice local restaurants downstairs of the hostel.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Please inform us in advance by email to xnlete@gmail.com or call us at +86(0)9718202080 if you will arrive at the midnight after 24:00 o'clock.