Bless House Youth Hostel

No.19 Moon Island Street, Dandong

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Bless House Youth Hostel


Overview of Hostel

The only youth hostel on the border between China and North Korea , the only Youth Hostel in Dandong , about 600 meters to Sinuiji City, North korea.

From Nights People


From the train station (bus station):
Take No.126 bus to Moon Island(last stop????). This bus is no available at the bus station, you have to walk one street to the right. If you need help from someone, you can write the number “126“ on paper and people can point the way. The bus will go across a bridge and park right next to the hostel, you will see it off to the right. A taxi will cost about 12RMB, and take 15 minutes.1 RMB,and turn right,2nd building.

2. take the No.303 bus to Moon Island station,2rmb,you can find the bus stop when you out of the train station,and stop on yue liang dao?????station,and walk through the bridge,and turn right ,2nd building.

3.Taxi to the island of the moon, pass through the bridge, turn right ,2nd building ,about 12 RMB, 20 mins.

4.Chinese address for taxi driver: ??????????????19?(???????

5. ?????????????????
???????Bless House Youth Hostel
???????Dandong City ,Liaoning Province Moon Island Street No.19.

Located near

??????????????????????????????????????4???????5??? The hostel is located in the Yalu River on the Moon Island, a beautiful place on the island. From the famous scenic spot of the Yalu River bridge 4 km. 5km from the city center. ???????????????4km?30??????8????10??? From the the Yalu River bridge along the the Yalu River bridge 30 minutes by walk.Taxi by 8RMB,10mins.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

***Property Policies & Conditions: 1. Check in time: 14:00-24:00. 2. Check out time: 7:00-12:00. 3. Reception opening hours: 7:00-24:00. 4. At least 1 day advance notice for free cancellation. 5. We do not accept payment by credit card on temporary basis. All payment in the hostel is made by cash. We apologize for inconveniences so caused.