Village Utopia Backpackers Hostel

Mexin Wine Town Scenic Spot, No. 1 Group of Da Qia, Chongqing

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Village Utopia Backpackers Hostel


Overview of Hostel

The Countryside Utopia Backpackers Hostel is located in the western suburbs of Fuling District of Chongqing, situated in Mexin Wine Town of Linshi. It’s about 65 kilometers from the downtown, 25 kilometers from the Fuling city. Yuhuai Railway, S103 Provincial Highway and Huyu G50S South Express High

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Addrress:Fuling Lin Shi Town

The Town is along Yangtze River, 15.6 miles from Fuling City and 34 miles from the Downtown. The Yu Huai railway, Cha Fu Road and Yan Jiang Highway run through it. Water and land transportation is very convenient.
Bus route:
NO. 116 Bus (Fuling E Jingguan---Mexin Wine Town)
Fuling West Passenger Station: Fuling?Lin Shi (get off at Mexin Station)
Fuling?Xin Miao (get off at Mexin Station)
Fuling?Bao Zi (get off at Mexin Station)
From Nan Ping Si Gongli station of Chongqing?Chongqing?Fuling (transfer) ?Lin Shi;
Chongqing?Lin Shi;
Chongqing?Bao Zi (get off at Mexin Station).
Drive route:
Fuling (Qiao Nan)?Cha Fu Lu?Lin Shi
Chongqing (Cha Yuan)?Cha Fu Lu?Lin Shi
Chongqing (Si Gongli)?Yan Jiang Freeway of Chongqing?Lin Shi?Down the freeway ??Mexin Wine Town
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Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours before the arrival Earliest Check-in Time: 14:00 Latest Check-Out Time: 14:00 Paid in Cash/Weixin Pay Tax Included No Breakfast included Age Restriction:18+ Reception Hour: 24 Hours Baidu?