Sunny Guest House

Yuanyang County, Duoyishu, Yuanyang

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Sunny Guest House


Overview of Hostel

Facing the sunrise, lifting your head, what a wonderful life
Start from 2005, we build our first home right by the rice terrace, we are perfectly emerged with nature. No matter on the rooftop, restaurant or just in your warm bed, you can always feel the nature’s endless changing. Here we plant the

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Where is the Sunny Guest House (??????
Yuanyang County, Duoyishu, Pugao laozhai
Built near the best sighting-seeing site for sunrise.

How can you get to the Sunny Guest House?
1. Heading from Kunming
Option 1:
Step 1?Go to Kunming's new south traffic centre ???????, buy a ticket to Yuanyang????,
Destination: Xinjie town ????
Ticket: about RMB135
Departure time: about 10:00 am, arriving time: about 4:00pm
Departure time: about 18:00 pm, arriving time: about 1:00 am, the next morning. They will park the bus at the bus station in Xinjie and you are allowed to sleep on the bus until the bus station opens at 7:00 am.

PS. The bus station may adjust departure time every now and then so please pay attention to the bus station’s actual departure time, thanks.

Step 2? After arriving the Xinjie Town (???, one can choose the public transportation to the direction of Duoyishu ?????in the form of local mini van or minibus outside of the bus station. Destination: Pugao Laozhai, Chinese name is ????. The cost is about RMB15 per person.
Or you can rental a private minibus, cost is around RMB80-100.
Time from Xinjie Town to the Sunny Guest House: about 1 hour.

2. Heading from Gejiu, Jianshui, Simao, Hekou or other nearby cities:
From Gejiu: choose to take the bus to Ganiang or take the bus which goes to the Xinjie town, Yuanyang County.
From other cities: take a bus to Xinjie town, Yuanyang county

A: Buses to Yuanyang County might end up in Nansha (???, which is about 30km away from the Xinjie ????, one more hour to go by car..

Located near

Sunny Guesthouse is just by the rice terrace which is 8 mins walking from the parking lot. We own the best location for the sunrise. The village which guesthouse locates is Pu Gao Lao Zhai which is 27km drive from old town Xinjie.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Please give us a call on +86-15987371311 or write us an email on if you need any other information or you need any help.