Dazhai Dragon's Den Hostel in Rice Terraces

Tian tou zhai, Dazhai Village, Longsheng

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Dazhai Dragon's Den Hostel in Rice Terraces


Overview of Hostel

Spring has finally arrived! The villagers in Dazhai have long been waiting for the winter to pass because it’s in spring when life is renewed and the villagers can prepare for the next harvest. In spring, the villagers flood their rice fields with vast amounts of water to nourish the earth beneath i

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Directions from Guilin to Dazhai Village:
The direct bus will be the best way to dazhai village. The direct bus from guiln to dazhai village leaves at 9am and 1pm every day from the square outside guilin train station( not guilin north train station). We can easily reserve a seat for you on the bus to Dazhai Village. It will take you directly to the entrance, where you will then make your way up through to Tiantouzhai Village.
if you can't catch the direct bus, you can take public bus. By public bus: catch the bus to Longsheng???? at Qin Tan bus station (?????) in Guilin. Get off at He Ping????, walk 3 minutes towards the ticket office. Then change the bus at the office to Dazhai Village.

Directions from Dazhai Village entrance to Dragon's Den:
We are located in the very scenic Tiantouzhai Village, a 40 minute hike from the base of Dazhai Village. Pay close attention to the signs leading up to Tiantouzhai Village. You may be required to ask local villagers on how to get to Tiantouzhai as there are very few signage. We are also enroute to Scenic Site #2 (Music From Paradise) so keep an eye for that sign as well. You will eventually pass the main public restroom in Tiantouzhai. We are just up ahead with our HI Hostel sign hanging over the path. All signs will be in both English and Chinese.

Because our hostel is located inside the rice terrace scenic area, so you need to buy ticket at the entrance in heping. The ticket is 100RMB for one person. If you have student card ,it's 50RMB for one person..

Located near

We are located at Site #1, Tian Tou Zhai in Dazhai village, the most beautiful village of the rice terraces. It is a 40 minute walk from the Dazhai parking lot, during which you wander amongst and see all the beauty of the rice fields. We can also drive you to the top of Site #1, then it?s just a 10 minute walk to Dragon?s Den hostel.

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

All rooms include private washrooms 24 hour hot showers Windows in main floor retrofitted to have a panoramic view of the terraces Restaurant with delicious local cuisine, beer & cocktails Library with English/Chinese books Internet access via Wifi (Please consider that internet service isn't properly maintained in this village and dropped connections is to be expected)