Dali Lao Shay Youth Hostel

2# Pingdeng Road, Dali

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Dali Lao Shay Youth Hostel


Overview of Hostel

“Lao Shay” is run by a group of young people who love backpacking as well. Thus we know what you need when you are on the road: free WiFi?free use of computers in the common room; free luggage storage and free use of self-help kitchen. I am sure you would love our environment as we have seen lots of

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The Chinese name of the hostel:?????????????
The address in Chinese is????????2?(?????)
From Xiaguan train station (about 20 km):
The train station there are bus SanTa Zhuan Xian(?????? fare 3.00 yuan, about 45 minutes to get off at the station Shui Dui Cun(????), then walk back 10m turn the left for go in old twon and go on 50m.

From Xiaguan coach station (about 20 km):
There are 4 or 5 coach stations in Xiaguan. Ask locals people get off the nearest bus No.8 get off the terminal station and walk along the Ping Deng road west approximately 1.5 km to get our hosel.

From Dali Airport (about 33 km):
Take the airport shuttle bus and get off the terminal of Dali Old Town stop(25yuan per person), than turn the Taxi (the taxi fee is 10 yuan, park there the red cars are taxi, because it's no sign on the taxi), or by walk to our hostel(about 2km) .

From Lijiang, Shangri-La passenger bus :
Lijiang - Xiaguan shuttle drive about 3 hours, Shangri-La --Xiaguan shuttle drive about 5-6 hours. all shuttle finally arrived in Xiaguan, arrived in Xiaguan the former tried out Dali, so please tell the driver you want to Dali to get off.

Arrive the Dali Old Town, at the crossing of the Bo-ai road and Ping Deng road is the 'Dacaishi(vegetables market)' (the north gate market, locals know), please come along the west of Ping Deng road (up), during the day will go through a lot of fruit stand and 100 meters is the Lao Shay..

Located near

Dali is a very regular tetragonal type town. Have four gates of the four cardinal points of the old town, South Gate, North Gate, West Gate and the East Gate. Lao Shay is located in the northwest corner of the old town walls at the foot of the old town, near Weat Gate. About 80 meters from the national highway. About 280 meters from the Wast Gate. So first come to Dali's friend please to the West Gate first (also called Mountain Gate), the West Gate and San Yue Jie across the road.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

The Chinese name of the hostel:????????????? The address in Chinese is????????2?(??????????) Hotel open time: 7H00 – 24H00 The time of Check-in : After 13H00 The time of Check-out : 7H00 – 12H00 , the half-day charge of check-out after 12H00 ; check-out after 20H00 , additional to the day room rate. Hotel Tel : 0872-2513946 / 153-6899-4994