Datong Fly by Knight Highrise Hostel

22nd floor, Unit 14, No.15 Ying Bin Xi Jie, Datong

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Datong Fly by Knight Highrise Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Are you looking for a hotel quality, but a hostel community place to sleep, to hang out, to make friends, to discover the city of Datong?
Look no further, you are looking at one right now!

Fly by Knight has 3 top quality guesthouses in 3 popular cities: Beijing, Datong and Pingyao. if you book o

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We now offer free pick-up service from train station (6AM-10PM),please contact us one day prior to your arrival with your train number and arrival time if you need the pick-up service.

Directions to Fly By Knight Datong Hostel
For those arriving by bus, train, or plane:
1.Arriving by bus (most recommended): there are two bus stations in Datong, and they are not far from each other. Both are them are very easy to get to our hostel. Once you exit the bus station (pay NO attention to the people who ask you to get in their car, they charge more than normal taxi drivers) go to any regular taxi (red or light blue) on the street. Your journey should cost around 6 to 10 RMB (about 1 USD). Show the driver this address: '???????15??????????22??????????????????????????

2.Arriving by train (cheap but takes longer to travel): The only train station in Datong is Datong Station. We recommend that you take a taxi (red or light blue) from the street (ignore the people approaching you at the station). It‘s about a 10 minute drive from the station to the hostel. The taxi fare should be around 12 to 15 RMB (about 2 USD). Show the taxi driver the following address: '???????15??????????22??????????????????????????

3.Arriving by plane (This is definitely the most comfortable way to travel to Datong, but certainly not the most cost effective. Booking a plane ticket far in advance may lead to a good deal. Please contact us if you need help booking a flight either from Beijing, Shanghai, or Xi'an).
a.Take the airport shuttle (10 RMB) stay until the last stop, which is the Datong Hotel main gate. Walk across the road right in front of the Hotel, turn left, keep walking until you see a hotel called 'Wei Du International Hotel', the hostel is in the building right next to it.
b.Take a Taxi (red or light blue), the fare should be around 40 to 50 RMB (8 USD), show the driver our address in Chinese: '???????15??????????22???????????????????????????.

Located near

We are located just 5 minutes walk to the south gate of Datong old town. It's also the new center of the city, all the new shopping centers, stores are built around this area. There are also major buses to take you everywhere. It's only 11RMB taxi fare from the train station and walking distance from the bus station. (If you come from Beijing, we recommend taking the bus, which is 2 hours faster than the train.)

Conditions & Policy


1. We will prepare towels, shampoo and body wash for all travelers, but we would like to remind you to bring your own personal items such as tooth brush and facial wash. 2. We also would like to know your arrival time and transportation so we can prepare your room/beds before your arriving. 3. Our goal is to provide a comfortable place for all travelers, therefore please lower the voices after 11pm every night. 4. Please note. if you are checking in before 7:30am, you must book for the night before. showing up earlier means that you have agreed to book the same room type for the night before.