Huangshan Koala International Youth Hostel

No.58, Bei Hai Road, Huangshan

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Huangshan Koala International Youth Hostel


Overview of Hostel

NOTE: please take your passport with you(not the copy),if not. you are not allowed to check in.
please note the destination is TUNXI if you buy the bus ticket.

Huangshan International Youth Hostel is well located opposite of the train station along Beihai Road. It is abo

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1.From Huangshan railway station:

200 meters away from the railway station, just walk here.

2.From Huangshan Bei railway station (High-speed train):
Take the bus no.21 to 'huo che zhan'(1 RMB),the last one is 22:25pm.
Or take a taxi, 45 RMB

3.From Tunxi bus station:

1) Taxi ride cost RMB 8 yuan more or less

2) Take bus NO.21 (1RMB per person) to the 'huo che zhan', then walk here

3.From Huangshan airport:

Come here by taxi, the price is 25RMB more or less. Sometimes you can catch an airport bus(6 RMB) to here.

Huangshan Koala International Youth Hostel

Our address:No.58,Beihai RD, Tunxi District Huangshan City(Near railway station)
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Huangshan International Youth Hostel is well located east of the train station along Beihai Road. It is about 200m from the railway station. If you come here by bus; we would like to tell you that you should buy the tickets to Tunxi ?Cthe city of Huangshan.Every morning our hostel arranges bus to the mountain at 6:00(18yuan/person), also we can help you book dorm beds or room on the top of the mountain. Telling you the better way to climb the mountain is our pleasure. Good luck..

Located near

Visitors basing themselves in Tunxi can use the towns as a convenient launching pad for grasping the Taoist secrets of Qiyun Shan, and uncovering the charms of Hongcun, Xidi, Shexian, and other delightful villages that characterize the region. Also Tunxi is a handy base for exploration of the surrounding Huizhou architecture at Yixian and Shexian.Running a block in from the river, Laojie (Old Street) is a souvenir street lined with wooden shops and Ming-style Huizhou buildings that is open till late at night. Among Tunxis heritage buildings, the Chengshi sanzhai is a splendid example of historic Ming-dynasty Huizhou residential architecture, designed with all its trademark ornamentation and emphasis on elegance.

Conditions & Policy

most important:take yourpassport(original),or you will not be allowed to check in,or we will be in difficult.